Live Show Thurs 9/27 + Season 3!


It's not quite October, but we are excited to take you back to the 1930s and 40s and perform for you some of the weird & creepy stories from classic radio! This latest live show will feature two old time radio plays from the radio shows Lights Out and Quiet Please.
There were many many dark shows from the classic age of radio like The Witch's Tale, Dark Fantasy, Murder at Midnight, The Weird Circle, Inner Sanctum, Lights Out, and Quiet Please.
Join writer, musician, and all around lathario Brett Stillo and Twelve Chimes creator Aimee Pavy as they host an evening of chilling plays with musical numbers by lovely The Century Sisters! The Twelve Chimes players for the night will be the talented Sarah Leight, Crystal Why, J. Aaron Seymour, Aaron Doran, and Cameron Eng.
Come pour yourself a glass of wine, settle in amongst the books, and prepare yourself for some weirdness from the classic age of radio!

Vintage Brothers_sized.jpg

Season 3 Coming Soon!

Our first episode of season 3 comes from the pen of the Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller! "A Perfectly Obvious Explanation" was originally staged as part of The Thrillpeddlers' Shocktoberfest 12. A dark noir about two brothers, a woman, missing money, and a doctor with a very large syringe! Coming in late October!

Aimee Pavy